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Custom Cans

Lets collaborate!

At Fatt Mattz, we want give our customers the most unique personalised experience, one that no other offers. That’s why we’ve developed the option of Private labeling, allowing retailers to offer something distinct to their customers.

Private label branding lets you create your unique image, which in return promotes a stronger customer recognition. At Fatt Mattz we can tailor the product and label design to the resellers specifications. This includes the flavour, product name, company logo, and promotional programs.

This will personalise your customer’s experience and lead to a higher customer loyalty. You can also create great promotional opportunities offering something distinct and unique to your customers. It is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. With private branding, you can create your image and promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

Private label branding is a way to promote your business’ or event. By offering a high-quality product branded as your own, customers feel an attachment to your brand and it gives them the feeling that they are among the selected few.

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